Eco-friendly, Fairtrade
household essentials

The world’s first Fairtrade, eco-friendly household cleaning product range made with natural, environmentally friendly, plant-based ingredients.

Great products.
Effective, eco-friendly, fair trade
cleaning products.

Great for the planet.
Manufactured with FairPalm, a sustainably produced and fair trade palm oil from smallholder farmer communities in Ghana.

Great for people.
Products that are kind to you
and kind to Fairtrade farmers in
Ghana and India.

Cleaning with meaning.
Whether it’s to clean your hands, get stuck into the dishes, or wash your smalls, the Clean & Fair range is kind to both your skin and to the environment.

Make a difference.
Clean & Fair is made with sustainably
grown, Fairtrade coconut oil
and palm oil.

5 Litre refills available
Good for the environment
and good for your pocket.

Effective, Eco-Friendly, Sustainable and Fair Trade

Mohammed has been farming for 25 years. He grows palm, plantain, cassava, cocoa and yam.
“Through the farms, my children have gone to high school. Whatever my children choose to do, I will help [them]. I am very happy to see oil palm that is from our farms has been used to do something like this.”

Mohammed Asiru, small-holder farmer, Ghana.

The first household cleaning range to carry the Fairtrade Mark.
Our range includes fair trade, organic palm and coconut oils and is eco-friendly and biodegradable.