Different by design

It’s often difficult to make the right decision – but not with Clean & Fair. We make it easy for you!
We know the last thing anyone wants to do is pay more money for a worse product – and we know that’s a real worry with so many ethical brands…

What if you spend that little bit extra to protect the planet and be good to people, but then you end up with something that doesn’t do its job? What if your budget brand would do better?

Well, Clean & Fair is proud to be different – proud to be better

Our first priority is that we clean well and we follow that up by being good to the planet and good to people. These things don’t have to be mutually exclusive!

So when you buy Clean & Fair, you’ll know you’re buying into something different – something that’s better at cleaning and better at being fair.

The Star Players

Take a look at these two ingredients that go above and beyond to make the Clean & Fair range so special.

George lives with his mother, his wife and their three children. His son works in a hotel, one daughter has just completed her degree in computing in Bangalore and is now working as an intern and the other daughter is studying journalism.
“I get more money when I sell to FTAK. I have been farming organically for twenty years but FTAK gives us the opportunity to sell organically. This is really important to me.”

George Kurisingal, small-holder farmer, Kerala, India.